Month: February 2018

Cover Reveal for The Last Encore

Cover Reveal for The Last Encore


Vampires are a constant menace for Thomas Dietrich but in Book Two of the Voodoo Rumors series, he gets more than he bargained from the start.

Finding three bodies, drained of blood outside of one of Nashville’s blues club,  he finds himself facing off against one of the most powerful vampire families in the country.

The Last Encore will be available on March 24, 2018.

The Blood Red Ruby – Two weeks away.

The official release of The Blood Red Ruby, the first in the Voodoo Rumors series is just two weeks away.

One gem, five men, forty-eight hours of sheer terror.

Book two, The Last Encore will be released in March and then a new book in the series, every other month for the rest of 2018.

If the series is successful, then I’ll continue writing more for 2019.

The series mixes the hardboiled P.I. genre with the darkest elements of the paranormal. Set in 1950’s Nashville, Thomas Dietrich is cynical yet idealistic; amorous yet full of despair. He’s a man capable of harsh violence and unfettered compassion in a world where the darkest things walk the streets of his city at night.

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