Month: March 2018

The Last Encore – Voodoo Rumors book 2

I’m proud to announce that the second book in the Voodoo Rumors series is now available. The Last Encore follows Thomas Dietrich and his girl Natalie as they work to solve a rash of vampiric killings outside of a popular Nashville nightclub. The clues all lead to sinister forces working in the music industry, and their connection to an old blues singer named Spence Danger.

Dietrich and Natalie find their lives on the line as they follow the trail to a dark conclusion.


The Last Encore follows up on the characters and landscape first established in book one of the Voodoo Rumors series, The Blood Red Ruby.  While the series follows a loose timeline, each book is written to be a stand-alone story, allowing readers to jump into the series at any point.


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Covers for books 3 and 4

With the official launch of the second Voodoo Rumors book, ‘The Last Encore’ this Saturday, I wanted to go ahead and give everyone a sneak peek at books three and four. Coming in May, ‘ A Penny for Luck’ will see Dietrich roaming the streets of Memphis in an attempt to save his girl’s soul. Book four, coming in July is ‘Wild Pooch’. It will be exploring the werewolf families that call Nashville home.

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