Voodoo Rumors book series

There are thirteen portals to Hell around the world and one of them sits below the streets of Nashville. This fact is what keeps Thomas Dietrich up at night.

He isn’t bothered by the werewolves, vampires, and demons that call Nashville home. It’s his job to keep them in line, deal with the problems they create, and on occasions, put them down.

Set in 1951, The Voodoo Rumors series takes the hard-boiled detective genre and fuses it with the paranormal to create a dark noir series.


Book One:  The Blood Red Ruby


It was a typical February night in 1951 when she stepped into one of Nashville’s many dives and into my life. The blonde asked for my story, wanting to know what had me drinking. She had no idea it was the same thing that had me working at nights, hunting down the monsters that stalk the back alleys of my city.
Back in ’31, the job was just supposed to be another bank heist – in, then out, then we’d be rich. But along with the money, we found that cursed ruby, and nothing was the same again. I’d thought about that gem every night for years, but now, in this bar with this dame looking at me all innocent and beautiful, I told her my tale.
And that’s when our story began.


Release date: Feb. 24, 2018

Available in Kindle and print from Amazon.com and other book retailers.


Book Two: The Last Encore

Some men love to hear a woman scream in the middle of the night.

But in my line of work, it always means trouble.

Tonight is no different. Once I get the dame calmed down, she shows me what all the fuss is about: three stiffs in the dumpster behind Gatsby’s, stacked one on top of the other.

Now I know what you’re thinking—bodies drained of blood, two marks on the side of each neck…all signs point to shenanigans of the vampiric variety. But I’ve been on this beat long enough to know there’s always more to the story, even in a place like this.

Hell, especially in a place like this. Music City has a dark side, one teeming with werewolves, demons, ghosts. Nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing one of these monsters dead at my feet. But sometimes this job takes something out of me—something I can never get back.

This case is one of those times.

    Thomas Dietrich and his girl Natalie are back on the job to take on the undead and otherworldly in 1950s Nashville for Book 2 of D. Alan Lewis’s genre-bending series, Voodoo Rumors.

Release date: March 24, 2018

Available soon in Kindle and print from Amazon.com and other book retailers.




Book Three: A Penny for Luck

Coming may, 2018