Thomas Dietrich doesn’t look for trouble, but it always slithers up from the depths of Hell to find him.

Set in 1950’s Nashville, Voodoo Rumors brings to life the secret files of P.I. Thomas Dietrich as he battles the werewolves, vampires, and demons that roam his city’s streets at night. Told in the classic noir-style, each of the five stories in this volume will drag you to Hell and back, leaving you begging for more.

¨ How do you know if a monster is living in your backyard and creeping into your room at night?
¨ What happens when a demon gets bored of living and want to drop by for drinks?
¨ Should we consider all killers to be bad people?
¨ Do all love stories have a happy ending?
¨ Where’s a man to go when he is enthralled by a succubus?

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