A bunch is happening in Alan’s world. Aside from a schedule full of conventions, new books are on their way. No, really. I’m serious this time.

The month of May will see the release of The Bloodsucker on Shady Lane and other tales from Voodoo Rumors. This is a short story collection set in the world of Voodoo Rumors, a paranormal-noir place where werewolves, vampires, demons, and whatnot run amuck on the streets of Nashville. 

The stories include the novella, The Bloodsucker on Shady Lane. A frightful tale as Thomas Dietrich is hired to investigate a sting of vampiric killings in a quiet Nashville neighborhood. 

The other stories included are My Drinks with Azazel, Catching Snow, Love Spells, and Red Lily and the Oriental Flower.

In June, another short story collection will debut. A Blind Eye from the Goddess and other steampunk tales will be available. This is a collection of my steampunk stories, some retooled and others new.

In July, the long awaited Wild Pooch, the fourth novel in the Voodoo Rumors series will be out. This time, Thomas Dietrich and his lady Natalie will be called to investigate a werewolf killing spree, but things are not always what they appear. 

I need your help!!!

I’m looking for reviewers for both print and audio books. if you’re interested, please email for details. There could be free books in it for you.